Wedding Stationery Checklist

Before the Wedding Day

Save the Date (optional)
Ideally these should be sent out as soon as you have the date confirmed and know which guests you would like to invite.

Wedding Day Invitations
Usually sent six to three months before the day.

Reply or RSVP Cards
These make it easy for your guests to notify you that they are able to attend.

Additional Information
This can simply be a sheet of paper, sent with the day invitations, outlining any additional information that would be useful for your guests. For example, directions to the venue, accommodation details, dietary requirements and wedding gift wishes.

Wedding Evening Invitations
If there is time, wait until your day invitation replies are in before you send your evening invitations. That way, if anyone cannot make it, you have the chance to upgrade some guests.

On the Wedding Day

Order of Service
Ideal for the more formal or religious ceremonies, and can include the details of any readings or music etc.

Welcome and Order of the Day Card
This can be an alternative to the Order of Service. This welcomes your guests to your wedding and outlines the order of events throughout the day.

Ceremony Seating Names
These can be used like place settings, reserving particular chairs and places for certain guests during the ceremony itself.

Table Plan
This is a detailed plan, which can be viewed by your guests prior to taking their seat at the wedding breakfast. This introduces what the tables are called or numbered and which guest is allocated to which table.

Table Names or Numbers
These are small signs to be placed on each table showing the table name or number.

Place Names
For allocating an individual place setting around the table. These can take various forms, and can also be incorporated with a wedding favour as a label or tag.

Although not essential, these are a nice touch for your guests. Depending on the size of the tables you may require one or two per table.

Various other signs and notices maybe required.
Examples include:
A notice to explain an alternative guest book.
A post box or notice of where to place cards and gifts.
Sweet buffet tags & labels.
Favour folders to contain lottery tickets, scratch cards or vouchers etc.

After the Wedding Day

Thank You Cards
For your guests attendance and gifts gratefully received.